Don't forget about Subdivision Regulations!

A community’s subdivision regulations are the unsung requirements that help shape our neighborhoods and commercial areas. These regulations establish several of the basic services to our homes and businesses that we take for granted daily, such as reliable power, water, sewer, and storm sewers. The subdivision regulations also define how our neighborhoods are laid out, how streets safely handle traffic, and make sure that adequate bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure is provided.

Currently, the Subdivision Regulations are in a separate document. And as discussed in the last edition of the news feed, the City of Manhattan shares the regulations with Riley County for areas immediately around the city limits. The Manhattan Development Code will incorporate them into the one-stop development code by placing these standards into Article 26-5. Subdivision.

Barry Beagle, Senior Current Planner, briefly explains the purpose of these regulations and the changes that are proposed in the Manhattan Development Code. Although we often forget about this set of regulations, they are the workhorse for establishing the layout of our community and the basic city functions. Please watch the short video that Barry created to learn more. Also, please offer any comments or questions you may have in the “Questions Tool” We would like to hear from you!

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